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Magical prints sprinkled with sparkles and love.

All of Fiona’s illustrations are filled with intricate discovery and contain stories within stories.
Each piece takes months to complete, and every so often Fi scribbles down a new idea or random thought at any time of day to develop for her artwork.
You only ever see the ‘human people’ from behind, and you, as they do, will see something new every time you look. In the meantime, the fairies and woodland folk smile out at all those looking in.
Fi’s highly detailed and distinctive style comes to life with a pencil, followed by a fine ink pen, and is finally painted with a tiny paintbrush and coloured inks.
It is then printed in Norfolk, England, on responsibly sourced high-quality art paper board (FSC certified) with colourfast inks, and then brought to life with glitter, sparkles, and gems, and framed in a simple white frame, with lotsies of love. Please note that the frames may vary slightly over time.

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